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Talking Circles - Types of Talking Circles.

There are three main types of talking circles:

depending on the reason the talking circle is taking place, and depending on the desired outcomes.

1. PREVENTATIVE: Strengthening relationships and positive climate and culture: These talking circles happen frequently (daily is ideal) and the prompts are generally a check-in and/or a "getting to know you" type question. 

2. PROACTIVE: Repairing relationships and positive climate and culture: These taking circles happen as frequently as needed and are often used when addressing a specific classroom concern or to address a conflict/problem/concern between specific students. 

  • Examples of this could be concerning themes of behavior from the whole class, groups of students, or individual students (such as problematic behavior while under the supervision of a substitute teacher, groups of students exhibiting problematic behavior such as bullying or disrespectful behavior or individual students bullying etc.) 

3. REACTIVE: Restoring relationships and positive climate and culture after a harm has been caused: These talking circles are the most formal and should be used to address a specific incident/harm/ that has taken place between specific individuals. Within the Justice System, this type of talking circle is often referred to "Victim Offender Dialogue". 

  • Examples of this could be a physical fight, vandalism, or used as an alternative to suspension/expulsion/probation.


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