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NM Laws

Two new bills have passed here in New Mexico that has school districts looking into integrating restorative practices in their school:

The Attendance for Success Act
States across the nation are trending towards PREVENTION and INTERVENTION, as the way to address chronic absenteeism in schools.

Schools will now need to establish an early warning system for identifying at-risk students and employ an attendance plan that focuses on:
    a. keeping the student in an educational setting
    b. prohibits out of school suspensions or expulsions as a means of discipline.
    c. provides additional educational opportunities and intervention efforts to students struggling with attendance

*Districts will have to report data at each reporting period, and at the end of the school year to the Department of Education

The Safe Schools for All Act
New Mexico schools are taking a stand towards bullying that also trends towards more progressive methods with the new Safe Schools For All Act.


*By January 1st, 2020 each school board or governing body will have to adopt bullying prevention policies.

-See attached bills below for more details

How PTE can Help You...

Both of these bills will require a shift for schools, from the classroom level to the district level.

Integrating restorative practices at every level have been shown to decrease abseentism, dropout rates and suspensions, and increase test scores and graduation rates.


Peace Through Education can help you quickly analyze your school's opportunities for improvement in prevention plans, provide detailed training to educators and administrators, and help you implement prevention plans to address the shift created by both of these two new bills.


Peace Through Education can also provide facilitation, mediation and other intervention support for your students, and training on how to address bullying and other violence in your school.


*Your plan will need to be in place by the start of the 2020 school year, get in touch today to begin the process.

Let's Get Started

State Bills

House Bill 236
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